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How to refer students to our services

If you have a student who you would like to refer for our services, you can "flag" them in Starfish to alert our office, or you can simply direct the student to this website where they can complete the tutoring and academic skills application.

They can find this application by clicking "Students" and then "Request Services".

You may also choose to "flag" students in Starfish with the "Tutoring" flag, and someone from our office will reach out to the student.

Please keep in mind that we only offer tutoring in certain courses and only offer SIP assistance in certain course sections.

How to recommend a student for employment

If you have a student you are currently teaching or have previously taught who you think would be a great addition to our staff, please feel free to refer! Simply email the program you think would be the best fit for that student, and we will reach out to him/her.

You can also choose to simply direct students looking for work to this website, where they can click on "Apply for employment" from the Student menu to begin the application process.

How to get an OWLS Workshop

The Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs offers presentations for classes or student groups on a variety of academic skills topics. If you are interested in having one of our Skills Specialists present on a Learning Skill to your class or student group, please visit our OWLS workshop page for more information.

How to get SIP for your classes

If you are interested in having your class supported by the Supplemental Instruction Program there are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Find out if your class meets the criteria
    1. SIP courses are historically difficult. Meaning that 30% or more of the students enrolled typically earn grades of Ds, Fs or withdraw from the course. This needs to be in the course overall and not section specific. This DFW rate needs to be consistent for four or more semesters. To find out this information you can contact the Coordinator for the Supplemental Instruction Program or the SSC Director.
    2. The section also needs to have 100 or more students enrolled to be supported by the program.
  2. Speak with the Coordinator for the Supplemental Instruction Program or the SSC Director about having your section supported!
    1. If your class does meet the criteria you will likely be contacted by the Coordinator by about mid-terms in the semester prior to your class. Please respond to those emails if interested.
    2. If you haven't heard from the Coordinator, email him/her or call! Let the Assistant Director know you're interested.
    3. Faculty members will need to go through a New SIP Faculty Orientation with the Coordinator and the Director of the Student Success Center to learn about the policies and procedures.
  3. Start looking for a SIP leader!
    1. The Coordinator first asks the faculty for recommendations.
    2. The requirements to be a leader are:
      1. Earned a B+ or higher in the course she/he would be supporting.
      2. Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
      3. Attained sophomore standing.
      4. Received a faculty recommendation.
    3. Speak with the Coordinator if you are struggling to find a leader.
  4. Things to remember
    1. The leader must be placed in your class prior to classes starting. No classes will be supported by SIP after the semester has begun.
    2. The leader must meet all qualifications.