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TASP - Overview

Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs (TASP)

Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs (TASP) is an academic support program that challenges students to become independent and successful learners. Services such as tutoring, academic skills instruction, and workshops help students:

  • improve study skills,
  • increase their understanding of course content,
  • enhance self-confidence, and
  • encourage positive attitudes toward learning.

TASP Mission

Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs (TASP) is one of three programs of the Student Success Center that support the academic mission of UNCG for all undergraduate students.

We emphasize critical thinking and concept application through a diverse range of tutoring services and academic skills instruction. The TASP serves students in a supportive manner and challenges them to enhance their academic performance.

TASP Goals

The TASP accomplishes its mission by:

  • Engaging students actively in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance academic success
  • Continually assessing the efficacy of our services in order to improve the impact on student learning
  • Promoting high standards for hiring and development of quality professional and paraprofessional employees
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff to optimize student success

Check out our Goals, Objectives, and Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)

You MUST request assistance from our program before you will be allowed to use any of our services. To put in a request, click "Request Assistance" under the Student menu to the left or click here.