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OWLS Workshops

Outreach Workshops on Learning Skills (OWLS) are designed to help students develop as independent, self-confident, and efficient learners by introducing new skills and strategies they can apply to their study routine. In these workshops, we come to your classroom or meeting space, and facilitate an interactive and engaging presentation about the topic of your choice.

This page has information about how to request a workshop for your class or student group. To see which workshops we already have scheduled for the year, please visit our Workshop Schedule.

To Request a Workshop

We offer eleven standard topics, outlined below, and we also accept “special requests!”

Click plus for more information on each workshop

Academic Habit Building plus

    In this session, participants are taught about the fundamental principles of habit formation, and given the opportunity to use these principles to develop a plan to improve their academic habits.

Active Study Strategies plus

    In this session, students learn about how to use the Study Cycle to develop a study routine and how to use active study strategies and question‐asking techniques.

Listening Strategies plus

    This presentation introduces active listening and verbal/non‐verbal cues to aid with listening. Participants get the opportunity to practice good listening techniques.

Learning Styles plus

    In this OWLS, participants complete the Learning Styles Inventory to learn about their preferential approach toward learning and studying.

Note Taking plus

    This session introduces good note‐taking skills. Participants learn about several note‐taking systems (such as
    Cornell Method), as well as strategies for improving note taking (before, during, and after class).

Memory & Concentration plus

    In this workshop, we focus on the ways our brains store and recall information. Students are shown a systematic approach to improving memory, including how to deal with common distractors.

Organizational Skills plus

    This workshop covers the basics on creating a useful organizational system and sticking to it!

Test Preparation plus

    This presentation shows students how to study more efficiently. Participants learn the Sequential Study Method, and
    how to break down course material, and how to decrease test anxiety.

Test Taking Strategies plus

    This session shows students how to approach tests, including strategies for tackling essay exams,
    multiple choice, true/false, and for dealing with test anxiety.

Textbook Reading plus

    In this workshop, students are given the opportunity to practice a variety of reading strategies to make
    textbook reading easier and faster.

Time Management plus

    This workshop introduces students to the importance of scheduling study time each week. Participants learn how to create a realistic schedule, and tackle project planning piece‐by‐piece.

Special Requests

Requests for topics not on this list, or requests to combine topics, are considered at the discretion of the Assistant Director for Academic Skills, based on requested content and presenter availability. We do our best to fulfill every request we receive, and will work with you to prepare a session that meets your needs. Examples of “Special Topics” we have received in the past include: Mindmapping, Metacognition, Creating a Study Guide, and Academic Goal Planning.


OWLS workshops are typically 50 minutes in length—40 minutes of instruction/activities, and 10 minutes for administrative tasks and material distribution. If you need a longer or shorter session, please make note of it in the “Special Requests” section of the request form, and we will contact you to discuss it.

During our sessions, we try to incorporate a variety of learning modalities, including discussions, games, activities, and group work. All of our sessions have learning objectives and a pre/post test to determine if those objectives have been met.

Before requesting a workshop, please read the following carefully:

  • Workshops are conducted for 100-400 level courses or undergraduate student groups only.
  • We ask for 2 weeks’ notice on all standard topics, and at least 3 weeks for special requests.
  • At least 10 students must be present for a workshop presentation.
  • OWLS can be presented Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, but are not available during final exams.

We ask that you:

  1. Be present for the entire OWLS presentation. We will facilitate the session in an engaging manner, but disruptions or rude behavior should be addressed by the requester, not the Academic Skills Specialist.
  2. Have a teaching station, or reserve a room with a projector. Our presentations use PowerPoint, and require access to a computer and a projector. Please have these set up for the presenter prior to the session start time.

If you would like to request an OWLS presentation, please complete the OWLS request form.


Please contact the Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs at or by calling 334-3878.