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The SSC - Mission, Vision, and Goals

Student Success Center Vision

The Student Success Center (SSC) will be a leader in maximizing students' potential for academic success.

Student Success Center Mission

By offering a challenging and supportive environment, the Student Success Center fosters a learner-centered experience for undergraduate success by empowering students to take an active and collaborative role in their learning through personalized and structured tutoring, study groups, academic skills, counseling, and workshops.

Student Success Center Philosophy

The Student Success Center cultivates the development of critical thinking skills and active learning through personal, collaborative exchanges between students, tutors, leaders, and staff. Our culture of learning is based on cognitive scaffolding that deepens the students’ knowledge of specific subject material and facilitates increased self-awareness of how they learn in general. Students discover the value of engaging actively in the learning process and develop the ability to adapt to the varying challenges of liberal arts coursework. Ultimately, students’ participation in sessions results in greater self-confidence, independence, and improved academic performance.

Student Success Center Goals

  • To assist students in becoming more independent, self-confident, and efficient learners
  • To improve the academic performance of all learners
  • To promote student retention at the university and subsequent graduation
  • To provide individualized and group assistance
  • To offer resources to faculty concerned with improved student learning
  • To provide an array of proactive services
  • To provide a place where faculty can refer students who are in need of assistance
  • To provide help in developing study skills
  • To work collaboratively with other student services offices
  • To evaluate all activities and use evaluation outcomes to enhance future services