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SSC Staff Recognition

The SSC is proud to recognize the academic and scholastic accomplishments of our staff.

Each year, the SSC holds an Employee Appreciation Event. The SSC staff presents appreciation awards to employees, along with awards for TASP and SSS Tutor of the Year, SIP Leader of the Year, and SSC Lab Monitor of the Year.

TASP Tutor of the Year Caitlin Bumbledare
SIP Leader of the Year Jessica Kennedy
SSS Tutor of the Year Victoria McLain
Lab Monitor of the Year Te’Ara Bouldin

Tutor Spotlight

April 2014 Ariana Perez, Miriam Wilder, and Kimberly Marble
March 2014 Kelly Donovan and Julia McNulty
February 2014 Caitlin Bumbledare and Ketsia Masse
January 2014 Caitlin Bumbledare and Ketsia Masse
November 2013 Gabrielle Ocampo and LaTanya Satterfield
October 2013 Garrett Dinkins and Rachel Jodrey
September 2013 Nick Haddy and Idalys Santos-Sanchez
April 2013 Kadie Barnes and Nicole Owens
March 2013 Aaron Barnes and Ariel Moore
February 2013 Chris Carter and Shannon Ludwig

Commencement Recognition

The May 2014 graduation recipients include:

Doctoral Degrees

Leilani Madrigal Doctor of Philosophy:
“The Relationships Among Mental Toughness, Hardiness, Optimism and Coping: A structural Equation Modeling Approach”
Allison Leigh Palmadessa Doctor of Philosophy:
“Higher Education and the Discursive Construction of American National Identity, 1946-2013”

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Specialist Degrees

Kasey Rebeca Sneed Specialist in Education

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Masters Degrees

Alaine Ruth Munn Jacobs Master of Education
Angelica M Kapely Master of Education
Ashlee Rebekah Zackeru Masters of Science in Nursing
Au’Brie Dej’ne McKoy-Marshall Master of Science
Bryanan Stefanie Salita Callicutt Master of Education
Derek R. Strong Master of Arts
Elizabeth Hope Pflug Masters of Science in Nursing
Elizabeth Sharpe Master of Arts in Teaching
Emily Nichole Williams Master of Science in Athletic Training
Erin Elizabeth Jaffe Master of Arts
Guobin Yan Master of Science
Gwyn Williams Strickland Master of Arts
Heather D. Goodwyn Masters of Science in Nursing
James R. Whiteside Master of Fine Arts
Jean Kufrin Rosales Master of Arts
Jesse Plotkin Master of Science
Jessica Leigh Hinkle Master of Arts
Kasey Rebecca Sneed Master of Science
Matthew Brian Barker Master of Science in Nursing
Nicolas Christopher Coffey Master of Science
Rebecca S. Johnson Master of Science
Rokoshi T. Flowers Masters of Science in Nursing
Stephanie Dawn Dappenbrook Master of Science
Truc Thanh Trinh Master of Business Administration

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Bachelors Degrees

Aaron Elizabeth Pendleton Bachelor of Arts
Abbey Lynne Ford Bachelor of Science
Alice Elizabeth Herring Bachelor of Arts
Angela Noel Thompson Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Brandon Allen Yates Bachelor of Science
Breonna Raesha Patterson Bachelor of Science
Caroline Nicole Unruh Bachelor of Arts
Daniel J. Nasrallah Bachelor of Science
Daphne Nicole McLaughlin Bachelor of Arts
Duy Nguyen Bachelor of Arts
Elizabeth Cobb Launt Bachelor of Arts
Elizabeth E. Maki Bachelor of Arts
Enoch Bastian Bachelor of Science
Eric Kaplan Bachelor of Arts
Gabriel E. Montague Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Gabrielle A. Ocampo Bachelor of Fine Arts
Heather L. Cole Bachelor of Arts
Jessica Diane De Mato Bachelor of Arts
Jessica Michelle O’Brien Bachelor of Arts
Jesus Carlos King Bachelor of Science
Joel Patrick Shaffer Bachelor of Science in Nursing
John Raymond Everhart Bachelor of Arts
Katherine Diana Barnes Bachelor of Fine Arts
Katelyn Louise Workman Bachelor of Science
Kevin D. Calloway Bachelor of Arts
Kivi Chantel Ganster Bachelor of Science
Kristen Danielle Barnes Bachelor of Arts
LaTanya Crutchfield Satterfield Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Laura Ashley Mintz Bachelor of Arts
Laura E. Parker Bachelor of Arts
Lindsay Darr Arthur Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lottie Ann Marie Hensley Bachelor of Science
Maggie Renae Parker Bachelor of Science
Molly R. Reininger Bachelor of Arts
Morgan Nicole Makepeace Bachelor of Science
Ngoc Trinh Thi Nguyen Bachelor of Science
Nicole Ann Pintado Bachelor of Science
Nicole Lynne Du Bois Bachelor of Fine Arts
Quan T. Nguyen Bachelor of Science
Richard Carlton Metzler Jr. Bachelor of Science
Ron Baron Bachelor of Arts
Salle Noelle Walker Bachelor of Fine Arts
Sarah E Starnes Bachelor of Arts
Shea Chrismon Bachelor of Science
Stephanie M. King Bachelor of Arts
Stephen R. Kurtz Bachelor of Science
Suzanne Elizabeth Lambert Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Te’Ara Sharae’ Bouldin Bachelor of Science
Viloeta Vidacak Bachelor of Science
Zikora U. Nnadike Bachelor of Science
Zipporah T. Francis Bachelor of Arts

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Graduation with Honors

Abbey Lynne Ford Cum Laude
Brandon Allen Yates Cum Laude
Daniel J. Nasrallah Summa Cum Laude
Elizabeth Cobb Launt Summa Cum Laude
Enoch E. Bastian Cum Laude
Gabrielle A. Ocampo Magna Cum Laude
Jessica Michelle O’Brien Magna Cum Laude
Jessica Michelle O’Brien Disciplinary Honors in History
“The Gaelic Athletic Association: Nationalists or Transnational Foundations?”
John Raymond Everhart Summa Cum Laude
John Raymond Everhart Disciplinary Honors in Women’s and Gender Studies
“Stately Fetishes” & “What’s Gender Got to Do With It?: Rethinking Trans Subjectivity and Experience”
Katherine Diana Barnes Magna Cum Laude
Kivi Chantel Ganster Cum Laude
Laura E. Parker Summa Cum Laude
Laura E. Parker Disciplinary Honors in Women’s and Gender Studies
“Unpacking Whole Foods: A Critical Feminist Analysis of Conscious Capitalism Culture”
Lottie Ann Marie Hensley Summa Cum Laude
Lottie Ann Marie Hensley International Honors
Morgan Nicole Makepeace/em> Cum Laude
Ngoc Trinh Thi Nguyen Summa Cum Laude
Nicole Ann Pintado Summa Cum Laude
Nicole Lynne Du Bois Magna Cum Laude
Quan T. Nguyen Magna Cum Laude
Richard Carlton Metzler Jr. Magna Cum Laude
Ron Baron Summa Cum Laude
Shea Chrismon Summa Cum Laude
Stephanie M. King Magna Cum Laude

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Full University Honors

Daniel J. Nasrallah Full University Honors in Chemistry
“Investigation into the Synthesis and Appliation of Cyanocarbenes”
Desmond A Freeman Full University Honors in Marketing
“Blueprint Marketing Plan”
Elizabeth Cobb Launt Full University Honors in Anthropology
“Petroleum, Ecotourism, & Women: Local Action and Policy in the Face of Change”

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Student Excellence Awards

Angelica Kapley
April Nicole Frake
Daniel Nasrallah
Elizabeth Cobb Launt
Enoch E. Bastian
John Raymond Everhart
Lindsay Maria Tulloss
Molly Reininger
Nicole Pintado
Suzanne Elizabeth Lambert

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Merit Awards Program

Lottie Ann Marie Hensley Katherine Smith Reynolds Scholarship

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Honorary/Professional Organizations

Abbey Lynne Ford Kappa Delta Pi-Phi Epsilon Chapter
April Nicole Frake Gamma Thea Upsilon-Kappa Phi Chapter, Golden Key, Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter
Brandon Allen Yates Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta
Caroline Nicole Unruh Lambda Pi Eta
Daniel J. Nasrallah Golden Chain, Phi Beta Delta-Eta Delta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter
Daphne Nicole McLaughlin Kappa Delta Pi-Phi Epsilon Chapter
Elizabeth Cobb Launt Golden Chain, Lambda Alpha, Phi Beta Delta-Eta Delta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter
Enoch E Bastian Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi-Zeta Chi Chapter
Gabriel E. Montague Sigma Theta Tau
Jessica Leigh Hinkle Beta Gamma Sigma, Golden Key, Omicron Delta Epsilion-Iota Chapter
Jesus Carlos King Alpha Lambda Delta
John Raymond Everhart Golden Key, Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter, Pi Delta Phi
Kasey Rebecca Sneed Chi Sigma Iota-Upsilon Nu Chi
Laura E. Parker Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter
Lottie Ann Marie Hensly Beta Gamma Sigma
Matthew Brian Barker Sigma Theta Tau
Molley R. Reininger Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter, Golden Chain
Morgan Nicole Makepeace Golden Chain, Sigma Theta Tau
Ngoc Trinh Thi Nguyen Phi Beta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter
Nicolas Christopher Coffey Beta Beta Beta
Nicole Ann Pintado Beta Gamma Sigma
Quan T. Nguyen Beta Beta Beta
Rebecca Marie Hackett Sigma Theta Tau
Stephanie Dawn Dappenbrook Beta Beta Beta, UNCG Leadership Challenge-Bronze
Suzanne Elizabeth Lambert Golden Key, Sigma Theta Tau
Truc Thahn Trinh UNCG Leadership Challenge-Bronze
Violeta Vidacak UNCG Leadership Challenge-Gold, UNCG Leadership Challenge-Bronze
Zikora U. Nnadike Beta Beta Beta

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Recognition for Previous Academic Years

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2013 Winter

2013 Spring

2012 Winter

2011 Winter

2010-2011 Staff

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2009-2010 Staff

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2007-2008 Staff

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