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Spartan $ense

About Spartan $ense

Financial Literacy for Special Support Services started during the 2010-2011 academic year.

Financial Literacy is a result of a federal mandate that all TRiO programs offer financial literacy to students.

The first change to the program is the name change. Financial Literacy will now be known as Spartan $ense.

Why Spartan $ense

As a college student, some things are common sense; e.g. you should know where your classes are located prior to the first day of class.

We believe money management and financial literacy are not things that can be considered common sense. By participating in Spartan $ense, you will learn money smarts and financial literacy information that will benefit you in college and beyond. Don't leave your finances up to chance; utilize Spartan $ense. It's your money and your future.

As a student during your time at UNCG, you will learn a lot both in and out of the classroom.

We believe money smarts is not a lesson you should learn by trial and error. Therefore, we have created resources for you to learn financial literacy basics.

Your experiences at UNCG will be influenced by your life experiences and where you are in your educational journey; i.e. freshman vs. senior, traditional age vs. adult student, residential student vs. commuter student.

We believe a financial literacy program should be individualized so participants can access useful information based on their needs. A variety of information should be available for students so they are able to learn financial literacy that will benefit them.

All SSS students are required to complete 2 hours of Spartan $ense within 2 weeks of New Student Orientation. You may complete your Spartan $ense assignments through our online orientation or by going directly to


Check out these Resources for your Financial Needs

Paying for College
Student Loan Repayment and calculators
North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
College Foundation of North Carolina
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Credit Scores and Reports
Annual Credit Report
Credit Card Insider
FICO Credit Scores

Money Management and Budgeting
My First Apartment
Graduating, moving home, moving out on your own: come get a lot of use information on apartment living.

CNN Money 101
Get information on over 23 money management topics including insurance, investing, and making large purchases.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Information on a variety of personal finance topics

Women's Finance
Information on a variety of financial topics directly related to women.

Dollar Stretcher
Tips for everyone, no matter where you are in life, on how to live within your means and stretch your dollar further

Feed the Pig
Information on savings, how to save, where to start, tips and advice to get you saving

Smart about Money
Articles, worksheets, and tips on a variety of money issues, including making large purchases and economic survival tips.