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Frequently Asked Questions

Private Tutoring Policy

SSC tutors are allowed to conduct private tutoring, provided that the following procedures are adhered to:

  1. All SSC employees are required to sign our release waiver to conduct private tutoring.
  2. Tutors may not advertise private tutoring while working for an SSC program (i.e., not during session).
  3. Private tutoring is not endorsed by the Student Success Center. Private tutors must make clear that their private tutoring is not related to their tutoring for the SSC.
  4. Tutors may not use the SSC rooms, equipment, forms, or resources during private tutoring sessions.
  5. Tutors may not privately tutor someone they are currently working with for the Student Success Center. However, they may work with a student they assisted during previous semesters.

We also recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Private tutoring should occur in a public location, such as the Jackson Library. Do not agree to meet a private tutor in a residence, or other private location.
  2. Draft your own contract that outlines the expectations for both parties.
  3. Negotiate the fee up front. Once it is agreed upon, do not change this amount for that semester.