Academic Assistance

Seeking academic assistance is what students do to succeed. You're not doing this alone! Our academic assistance services are here to help you do your best. Here are some of the programs UNCG has available to you:

  • The Academic Achievement Center provides course-based tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and individualized help with studying and time management techniques. In addition to appointment-based support, the AAC also facilitates Outreach Workshops on Learning Skills (OWLS) to the campus community, and also runs the University Proctoring Lab.
  • The University Writing Center and the University Speaking Center provide communication support for students, faculty, and staff through one-on-one and group sessions focusing on dialogic feedback. The centers support all projects regardless of how the writing or speaking will be composed/presented or which digital platforms are used. Consulting sessions focus on conversations about writing and speaking processes; these sessions promote a collaborative, non-hierarchal approach that sees consultants who work with writers and speakers as participants in a learner-centered exchange that values shared knowledge. The Speaking Center also provides customized class workshops and other instructional support that address specific learning objectives.