Who needs a coach?

Any UNCG student that is motivated and inspired to improve their academic success can receive peer coaching services.

Certain first-year students are automatically eligible to participate in Executive Coaching-- these are students who, generally, do not have other academic support programs specific to them.

What is Academic Success Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between students and coaches that inspires students to strive towards reaching their fullest potential. Our Coaches partner with students in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the student to maximize their personal and professional potential.

How often will/can I meet my coach?

The exact number of meetings will be determined based on the individual motivation and needs of each student, however, students receiving peer coaching should expect to meet with their coach at least twice each semester.

Students receiving Executive Coaching services are expected to meet with their coaches at least once a month throughout the semester (about four meetings total), although they can meet more often if they wish to do so.

What does my coach expect of me?

The coaching relationship is most meaningful when you work collaboratively with your coach to design a plan to tackle your challenges and meet your goals.

Successful coaching requires:

  • Open and honest communication to build a safe and supportive relationship that fosters growth and motivates change.
  • Active and intentional engagement and commitment in the coaching process.


Additionally, we ask all students who participate in coaching to:

  • Attend and arrive on time for your scheduled sessions
  • Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and participate in activities
  • Let your coach know if you need to cancel-- give as much notice as possible
What will happen during our meetings?

The specifics of each meeting between you and your coach may differ, but, broadly, all meetings will include:

  • Collaboration to develop achievement plans, track progress, and maintain accountability.
  • Discussion and brainstorming about how to overcome current or anticipated challenges.
  • Provision and recommendation of resources when additional support is needed.
Where do I go if I need more help?

Coaches are trained to assist in the identification of resources that will best serve you in your path to success. When a referral is necessary, coaches will work with you to identify the most beneficial resource.

How is ASCP Coaching different from other supports (such as tutoring, the Writing Center, etc.)?

Professional coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing personal change. Coaching is a partnership between students and coaches that inspires students to reach their fullest potential.

We know that sounds a lot like a bunch of other "helping professions", so sometimes it's helpful to understand coaching by distinguishing it from what it isn't.

Coaching is NOT...

  • Therapy / Counseling (Coaching focuses more on performance and does not treat mental health diagnoses)
  • Tutoring (Coaching is not specific to the course content but rather on your specific behaviors and strategies)
  • Consultations (unlike meeting with a consultant at the Multiliteracy Centers, ASCP Coaching is more holistic and focuses less on a specific project or assignment and more on habit building)

If you're interested in Counseling or Tutoring, you can click the links above to learn more about what UNCG has to offer in those areas.

What other Campus Resources are there?

The Students First Office at UNCG has compiled a great list of resources and services available at UNCG.  Click here to learn more.