What kinds of coaching is available through ASCP?

ASCP offers two coaching styles:

  • Peer coaching: undergraduate students available to all UNCG students and embedded into select courses to support skill development and resiliency.
  • Executive coaching: graduate assistants working with a cohort of students across different majors and class standings, typically by referral.
Description of the differences between ASCP Peer and Executive Coaching

What services does ASCP offer?

Peer Coaching is designed to help with:

  • Academic skill development (e.g., test preparation techiniques, goal planning, study strategies)
  • Improving performance over time (e.g., helping with motivation, concentration, developing time management, accountability and organizational skills), and
  • Encouraging resource utilization (e.g., strategies for reaching out to faculty, using on-campus support services, participating in on-campus activities, and building proficiency with Microsoft Office).

Executive Coaching can help with the same areas that Peer Coaching, with an additional focus on developing skills related to Growth Mindset– or the belief that abilities are developed through practice over time. Executive Coaches offer strategies that build self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of personal responsibility for academic success.


Reach out to the Academic Achievement Center!

  • Email aac@uncg.edu
  • Call 336-334-3878
  • Stop by Jackson Library 023 (Lower Level)
  • Use our chatbox at go.uncg.edu/aac