Academic Success Coaching

Transform and Enjoy Your First-Year Student Experience!

Achieve SUCCESS at UNCG and Beyond.

UNCG recognizes the unique needs of first-year students and has developed a formula for success. The Academic Success Coaching program is designed to put that formula into action. The program promotes a sense of resilience, motivation, belonging, self-care, self-efficacy, problem solving and more; better guaranteeing the success of UNCG first-year students.

Academic Success Coaching is All About Meeting Students’ Needs

Academic Success Coaches are Graduate Assistants professionally trained using guidelines set forth by the International Coaching Federation – the gold standard of coaching. Our coaches draw from elements of best practice; allowing them to provide optimum level guidance and superior support to first-year students. Coaches explore a variety of essential success strategies to develop an individualized approach that is specific to the unique needs of each student.

It’s A Team Effort

Together, coaches and students work to clarify aspirations and create goals to format a customized success plan. The success plan maximizes student potential by identifying and building the personal and professional skills necessary to transform aspirations into realization. Coaches and students collaborate to help students practice learned skills. By brainstorming solutions to challenges or obstacles students are empowered to independently capitalize on opportunities for success. With the guidance and support of a coach, students will be able to identify helpful resources necessary for their success in any given area of need. Coaches will help students explore their own interests and share ways students can become connected and engaged with the UNCG community.


The Academic Success Coaching Program has been created to provide students with optimum level support that enhances their first-year experience. First-year students will be encouraged to choose their own path to success while:

  • Receiving guidance and support to resolve obstacles hindering their success
  • Engaging collaboratively with their coach to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Increasing involvement in campus organizations to build their personal and professional skills
  • Capitalizing on opportunities that will benefit them academically, personally, and professionally
  • Building a co-curricular transcript with on and off campus activities and cultural events that will give them a competitive edge for gaining employment