What is Academic Success Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching is a partnership between students and coaches that inspires students to strive towards reaching their fullest potential. By providing optimum level support that enhances the first-year student experience, the program makes learning enjoyable and rewarding. Students are encouraged to choose their own path to success while:

  • Engaging collaboratively with their coach
  • Building on a co-curricular transcript with on and off campus activities and cultural events
  • Capitalizing on opportunities to improve personally and professionally
  • Utilizing on-campus resources designed to increase student proficiency for a variety of different academic skills
  • Increasing involvement in campus organizations promoting the development of personal and professional
  • skill sets (soft skills) that are proven to increase marketability
Who Receives Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching is a FREE service offered to a select population of first-year students. These students are seeking to better guarantee their success here at UNCG and are likely to benefit from the support and guidance of a coaching relationship. They are motivated to succeed both personally and professionally and are looking to excel by:

  • Maximizing their potential
  • Building their personal and professional skill sets
  • Being the best version of themselves
  • Doing their best in every area of life
  • Achieving their personal and professional goals
When Does Coaching Take Place?

Students are encouraged to sign up for an appointment via Starfish. These meetings will assist students in recognizing and resolving obstacles that are hindering their success. The exact number of meetings will vary among participants and will be determined based on the individual student’s need, motivation, and desire to succeed.

Where Will Coaching take Place?

All coaching meetings will take place via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Why Participate in Coaching?

Transitioning from high school to full-time college participation can be one of the most challenging transitions students face. Coaching, as an academic success intervention, has been defined by researchers as “a change process for the enhancement of individual performance, personal growth, and wellbeing” (Campbell, 2005). Reported outcomes of coaching programs consistently support coaching as a means of inspiring students to strive towards reaching their fullest potential. While each student experience is unique, outcomes of effective coaching programs “enhance students’ problem-solving skills, coping skills, resilience, well-being, study skills, increased goal achievement as well as decreasing depression” (Campbell & Gardner 2005; Green et al., 2007).

How Does Coaching Work?

Academic Success Coaching draws from proven elements of best practice to provide first-year students with holistic support. The coaching experience is one that promotes academic achievement, graduation, and career readiness by engaging in meaningful and collaborative interactions with a Success Coach. Coaches assist first-year students in identifying resources, both on and off campus, that promote an increased sense of belonging at UNCG. Coaching meetings will focus on providing hands-on direction to assist students in the accomplishment of their personal and professional goals by:

  • Identifying specific goals the student would like to accomplish
  • Measuring progress to identify when the student has accomplished the desired task
  • Working to recognize the obstacles that are hindering goal achievement
  • Monitoring student engagement to identify relevant resources, tools, and skills that will assist the student in accomplishing their goals
  • Maintaining accountability to ensure goals and achievements are accomplished in a timely manner