Math Pathways

As UNC Greensboro aims to increase retention and graduation rates for our students, helping students tackle their first college-level math course is a top priority. Fall 2019, the UNC System Math Pathways Taskforce issued a set of recommendations to assist UNC institutions in implementing math pathways that would improve student success. With the new general education requirement going into effect fall 2021, 100% of incoming students will be required to take the appropriate entry-level math course within their first 30 hours of enrollment. UNC Greensboro has committed to begin implementing recommendations as early as summer 2020, launching a Calculus Readiness Diagnostic Test for all incoming STEM and Business majors. 

Throughout the Math Pathways project, faculty and staff will work together to:

  • Develop specific degree pathways for disciplinary majors highlighting the math course and/or sequence required for each group.
  • Design and develop an assessment instrument to help assess math readiness. 
  • Provide pedagogical workshops for faculty to share delivery methods and improve the design of math courses.
  • Pilot academic support, peer tutoring and delivery of services in the Math Help Center.
  • Provide a competitive grant process for faculty to redesign current math courses.
  • Design math courses that directly align with and are more relevant to specific areas of discipline (i.e. Humanities and Social Sciences).

The Math Pathways Team is comprised of faculty from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics staff from the Division of Student Success:

  • Sat Gupta: Department Head and Faculty
  • Tracey Howell: Director Math Help Center and Math Emporium Lab & UNC System Math Pathways Task Force Co-Chair
  • Dan Yasaki: Faculty and Math Placement Team Chair 
  • Denisha Bland Project Manager
  • Dr. Samantha Raynor AVP Strategic Student Success Initiatives
  • Dr. Andrew Hamilton AVP Student Success/Dean of UG Studies 

For more information regarding Math Pathways:

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