Student Success Innovation Lab

Welcome to the Student Success Innovation Lab Advising Project!

This website contains information for individuals invited to participate in this study about enhanced academic advising. If you received an email, you are eligible given your current GPA, major, and accumulated credits. Your participation will help UNC-G assess ways in which advising can support student progress through college.
As an incentive, participating students will receive a $300 grant applied toward their UNC-G bill. There are no negative consequences if you choose not to participate. Non-participation will not affect your ability to receive regular advising or other support services from UNC-G. In terms of benefits, as a participant, you will receive targeted advising that may help clarify your educational and career paths. Your participation will also help the research team inform future advising practices at UNC-G and elsewhere, in effort to enhance college student success.

To Participate:

Please click the following link:

How Does It Work?

  •  If you choose to participate, you will be assigned to a trained advisor, who will reach out to you to set up an initial appointment. Meetings typically last 45 minutes.
  • Advisors have a deep knowledge of different degree paths at UNC-G and will help you determine the best options for you to finish your degree as quickly as possible.
  •  As part of the study, you will be required to meet with your new advisor at least twice each semester, but your advisor will be available to you for additional meetings if you choose.
  •  You will be asked to complete a survey about interactions with your advisor.
  • If you meet with your assigned advisor at least twice during the Fall 2020 semester, half of the incentive payment ($150) will be applied toward your UNC-G bill. If you meet with your assigned advisor an additional two times in the Spring 2021 semester, the second $150 will be applied to your UNC-G bill.

How will data be used in this study?

To protect your identity as a research subject, no identifiable information about you will be shared with the research team. This research is a collaborative project between UNC-Greensboro and UNC-Chapel Hill. The principal investigators are Dr. Samantha Raynor (UNC-G) and Dr. Steven Hemelt (UNC-CH). The research team will have access to de-identified administrative data on all students.

All research on human volunteers is reviewed by a committee that works to protect your rights and welfare. If you have questions or concerns, or if you would like to obtain information or offer input, please contact the Institutional Review Board at 919-966-3113 or by email to The IRB study number is 19-1945.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For questions about this project, please email  If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Samantha Raynor, Assistant Vice Provost for Strategic Student Success Initiatives, at

Meet the Advisors:

Nicholson Sprinkle, Academic Advisor
Double UNC Greensboro Alumnus: B.A. in Anthropology and Communication Studies, M.A. in Communication Studies.I began working as an advisor in 2015 and came onto the CASA team full-time in 2016. I have taught in the Communication Studies department, focusing on social theory, resilience, rhetoric, and public speaking. My hobbies including backpacking, triathlon, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, gaming, and hanging out with my cats.

Nadia Clark-Brown, Academic Advisor
Nadia serves as an academic advisor and has taught BUS 105.
Nadia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Bennett College and Master of Science in Counselor Education with a concentration in School counseling from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2012. With fourteen years of experience working in higher education, Nadia has worked with students in the undergraduate and graduate admission process, advised and supported students during their first-year experience and provided planning and implementation for student transition programs. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, watching suspense films, hanging out with friends and family, and is a self-proclaimed foodie! Nadia’s motto is “Live, Laugh, Love”!