MAC Implementation

MAC Phased Implementation Plan

With responses to the pandemic consuming a great deal of time that faculty in the academic units may otherwise have been spent planning for MAC implementation, the MAC Implementation Committee formalized a four-year phased rollout for MAC. This approach draws on the substantial work that has already been completed, as well as the large number of courses that will transition directly from the current General Education Program to MAC. It also brings a great deal of support to the process of MAC course development in the form of UTLC’s course incubators and a new MAC faculty fellows program. Finally, it moves the upper-division component of the MAC to a final implementation phase in 2023-2024, when lower-division course offerings have solidified.

The four phases of the implementation are as follows.

Year 0
Phase I: 2020-2021

Assessment of Pilot Courses
Buildout of Foundations Course Inventory
Crosswalk of Existing Courses (Target Number of Courses TBD)
Map Crosswalk to Transfer Articulations, which includes developing one- and two-credit bridge courses (especially in Information Literacy)
CIM, Banner, and DegreeWorks Updates (CourseLeaf updates will be complete by August 1, 2020)
Faculty Development/Fellows Program Launch (Review First Six Competencies)
Development of Some New/Revision of Existing Courses, as Time and Interest Allow
Revise Bachelor Degree Plans (BDPs) In Collaboration with Two-Year Partner Institutions

Year 1
Phase II: 2021-2022

Further Development of New Courses
Faculty Development/Fellows Program Second Year (Review Second Six Competencies)
Launch Thematic Course Clusters in Fall
Update All BDPs
Launch MAC for Fall 2021 FTICs via SOAR and Pre-Registration

Year 2
Phase III: 2022-2023

Assessment of Year 1
Continue New Course Development
Begin Review of Upper-Division Curriculum in Connection with Gen Ed
Faculty Development/Fellows Program Second Year (Review Six Competencies)

Year 3
Phase IV: 2023-2024

Upper-Division Course Revisions Due
Phase Out Existing General Education Curriculum
Faculty Development/Fellows Program Third Year (Review Six Competencies)