The Division of Student Success is pleased to announce the selected proposals for the Spring 2023 Innovation Grants

Art: Peer Mentor Program
Faculty Lead: Chris Cassidy

Biology: Embedded BIO111 SMART Peer Mentors
Faculty Lead: Catherine Bush

College of Arts and Sciences: Koru® Mindfulness Faculty/Staff Training, Student Courses, and Student Retreats
Faculty Lead: Sarah Krive

Communication Studies: CST 105 Peer Guide Innovate Project
Faculty Lead: Jessica McCall

Economics: Increasing Retention, Engagement and Success in Economics Courses
Faculty Lead: Nir Eilam and Anne Royalty

Education: SOE Academic Support Hub
Faculty Lead: Jewell Cooper and Randy Penfield

English: Mid-Semester-Start Courses Designed for Retention and Success through Community-Building and Labor-Based Assessment
Faculty Lead: Heather Adams and Risa Applegarth

Kinesiology: Creating a (K)Inclusive Culture: An Intervention to Improve Student Success by Building Social Capital
Faculty Lead: DeAnne Brooks

Management and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism: Necessary Conditions for Student Success
Faculty Lead: Jason Pierce and Sara MacSween

School of Music: Music Theory Study Hall
Faculty Lead: Ken White

Nanoscience: Overcoming Barriers to Undergraduate Research Experiences at JSNN
Faculty Lead: Eric Josephs

School of Nursing: Canvas Course Front Page Templates for Student Success
Faculty Lead: Joy A. Pine-Thomas

Psychology: Careers in Psychology
Faculty Lead: Jessica Caporaso

Public Health Education: Lovefests Internship Support
Faculty Lead: Meredith Gringle